What is Custom Fit?

Forget the one-size-fits-all frames. We're reinventing eyewear with a focus on making each pair one at a time, for one person at a time.

Any frame, any color, with a perfect fit for any face.

We hand-make every pair in San Francisco from the highest quality Italian acetate or surgical stainless steel. With 9 different frame styles, 30 unique colors, and additional lens add-on options -- the style possibilities are endless.

How Topology sizing works

Rather than rely on generalized industry standards, we create your perfect pair of glasses by using over 2,000 millimeter-accurate measurements of your face. 

A quick video selfie allows us to build a 3D model of your face. From there, your frames are resized and reshaped along 21 different dimensions to remain perfectly conformed to your nose, face, cheeks, and ears to maximize comfort and optics. The scan you take not only allows us to design the best possible lens for your prescription and frames, but also ensures that the frame positions your lenses in the optimal location and angles with respect to your eyes. So even with the same prescription, you will get the best vision you have ever had.

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