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How To Style Your Topology Eyewear

As with many areas of fashion, the rules are there to be broken! So feel free to go crazy and try out some styles that you would otherwise not consider. Topology for iOS is the fastest and easiest way to experiment with many styles that you perhaps wouldn't try in the store.

That said, we know that choosing the perfect pair of glasses can be overwhelming and frustrating, and many of us don't even know where to start! So here are some tips and resources that we hope will help you find the perfect style.

Choosing a frame style

Consider your face shape.

A wealth of popular opinion advises considering your face shape as a starting point for understanding which frame styles may suit you the best. For example, some frame styles work better for square faces rather than triangular faces.

There are a lot of existing blog posts and infographics that seek to explain this, click here to see our Pinterest collection of some of the more helpful examples of this, including this video from YouTube star Michelle Phan, with more than 105,000 likes!

In summary of the wisdom offered within these posts, the guideline recommendations are to:

Complement your dimensions.
The overall dimensions of your frame should match the overall dimensions of your face. For example, if you have a long, thin face, choose tall glasses that complement this, rather than short or wide glasses.

Whereas if you have a wider, shorter face, broader frames will look better.

Contrast your structure
When it comes to choosing the structure of your frames, the advice is to contrast, rather than match the structure of your face. If you have naturally angular features, rounder glasses are great at softening your look.

And if you have naturally softer or rounder features, more angular frames will add striking definition to your look.


In practice, most people will be somewhere on the spectrum from angular to soft-featured, in which case frames that offer a mixture of geometric shapes with softened edges are great.

We Love:
This blog post and video from "The Modest Man" presents a compelling case for ignoring the guidance about face shape and offers 3 simpler rules instead.

Consider your skin tone

Popular advice here is that your choice of frame color should complement your skin tone.

  • If you have a "cool" complexion, such as pale skin, blue eyes or fair hair, cooler colors may look the most natural for you. Choosing warm frame shades (such as light brown) can help add warmth to your look, but very strong blacks or very dark browns might overwhelm.
  • If you have a "warm" complexion, such as brown skin or hair, go for warm colors such as deep browns or even black. For a bolder, more fun look, you can also try strong reds or contrasting patterns.
  • Those of you with Mediterranean complexions, such as olive skin tones may enjoy experimenting with statement greens, mid-browns and dark tortoise to match your hair or eyes.
We love: 

This video from "Gentlemen's Gazette" suggests looking at the underside of your forearm for clues as to whether you have a cool or warm skin tone.


Metal or Plastic?

As you browse through the "Design" slider, you'll find metal (laser-cut steel) to the left and plastic (Italian cellulose acetate) to the right. Both our metal and plastic ranges offer options to suit any face shape, so which might you prefer?

Metal Frames:

  • Are lighter, more flexible, and more resilient to being sat on, or pulled at by kids. (As certified by Eric's 1 year old daughter)
  • Typically create a more streamlined and business-like look.
  • Keep in mind...
    • That the edges of the lenses are sometimes visible, and therefore don't look the best when paired with very strong prescription lenses in excess of -5.
    • That metal styles are powder coated, not painted, which gives a harder-wearing finish than paint, but also contains some texture.

Plastic Frames:

  • Can create bolder, more youthful styles and are certainly popular with the fashion conscious crowd right now.
  • Are available in a range of patterns as well as colors, such as the ever popular tortoise shell, and the current white-hot trend for transparent "crystal" frames.
  • Also offer two-tone designs, such as blue front and purple back
  • Can be mix and matched, with contrasting frame faces and "temples" (side arms)
  • Keep in mind...
    • Plastic frames are slightly heavier than metal, however we strongly believe that weight is not a problem when it is properly dispersed by ideal fit. 

Fine Tune Your Fit

Unlike the stock eyewear offered by off-the-shelf brands, every Topology Eyewear frame-style can be further tweaked to suit your exact preferences, and we recommend you give this a try.

Good to know: We've applied our technical magic to guard against any extreme adjustments causing a fit problem, so it is not possible for you to get it wrong.

However, some adjustments can cause aesthetic quirks, so it might be helpful to consider these guidelines...

Center your eyes horizontally

If you are styling sunglasses, you can style your glasses to be as large as you like and probably still look cool. But when you style prescription eyeglasses with clear lenses, the ability to see your eyes through the lenses creates visual effects that you might want to consider.

So when playing with widening or narrowing your frames, pay attention to the placement of your eyes within the lens. By default, we center your eye in your lenses, which is a safe bet for everyone. Then from there...

  • If you want to style narrower frames:
    Don't reduce width so much that you end up with more space on the inside (between your pupil and the bridge) than the outside. It’s better to have the pupil centered horizontally as a minimum.
  • If you want to style wider frames:
    It's OK to add a little bit of extra space between your pupil and the outer edge of the lens, but going too wide creates the illusion that your eyes are closer together than they really are. 

If in doubt, aim to find a width that centers your pupil within the horizontal width of the lenses.

Find the right vertical placement

To adjust vertical placement, use the "Vertical Ratio" slider at the top of your screen. Here are some suggestions of how to use it:

  • Play it Safe.
    General best practice is to keep your pupils within the top third of your lens, or in the middle, which is where we place the glasses by default.
  • Go Low.
    For a super cute and on-trend look, drop vertical ratio as far as you dare, placing your pupils right at the top of your lenses. This also helps you style larger, over-sized glasses, without covering your eyebrows.
  • Go High.
    If you find yourself often looking upwards, for example while cycling or watching a movie at the theatre, you might want to raise the frames up closer to your brow. This also gives maximum sun protection if you are styling sunglasses.

Get Help Choosing

Read on below for how to create a shortlist of favorites, and how to share with friends for feedback.

Screenshot your favorites

When you see a design that you like, use the native screenshot functionality of your iPhone to capture an image of your screen.

To do this, press the home button and sleep button simultaneously. The screen will flash and you will hear a camera shutter sound.

In addition to saving an image of the design, this will also allow you to recreate the design at any time, by replicating the numbers next to each slider.

Get feedback

Once you have a design or two that you like, ask your friends, family and social media friends what they think. Here's how to share via iOS sharing functionality.

  1. Navigate to the screenshot image in your camera roll
  2. Tap the share icon at the bottom left in the tool bar
  3. Share via email, text or the social network of your choice.
We love: 

Use “Layout” by Instagram to easily create a collage of your favorite designs and share to a social media site for your friends to help you choose. We find that sharing up to 6 images works best, so friends can vote by commenting "Middle-left" or similar.

Share with us!

If you do share to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social network, be sure to tag @TopologyEyewear so we can see what you are styling. We'll also be happy to give any feedback if you ask for it. 

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