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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Topology's privacy policy?

How do I style and order Topology Eyewear?

Please download Topology for iOS from the App Store and follow the instructions when you open the app.

Is Topology Eyewear only available in the U.S.A?

Currently yes, although we plan to expand to other countries soon.  Please signup to be notified when Topology is available in your country.

Do you have an Android app?

Not yet, but this is also coming in the future.  Please signup to be notified when Topology is available for Android.

How we use your email address and other personal information:

We will never share your email with a third party. We will never send you email about any product other than the one you requested to hear about.

How we use your image and scan information.

Images shared with Topology through the virtual fitting session will only be used for the purposes of designing your custom eyewear and enabling you to preview the glasses in a virtual try on. We will never post or share your image unless you ask us to.

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