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How To Rock Oversized Frames If You Have A Petite Face

how to wear oversized glasses with petite features

It’s a struggle that many of us with lower nose bridges or smaller facial features have faced. How exactly do you properly pull off oversized glasses without looking like you’re drowning in your frames?

The oversized eyewear style revolutionized fashion trends in the 1960s and in recent years it’s come back onto catwalks all over the world. Lucky for you, we're revealing 3 secrets to picking oversized glasses that truly fit.

Oversized frames have been worn as a classic look over the decades because of the effortlessly stylish look they imbue upon the wearer. Whether you’re dressed up with chic oversized sunglasses or rocking a casual retro-vintage reading spectacles, these frames grab attention wherever you go.

Here's the problem: because the term “oversized” inherently means “too big”, many people think that means the glasses should actually be too large for your face. That is definitely not the case, and there is a proper fit & method for you to comfortably wear this style.

oversized glasses

(Photo credit: Manos Vouteris)


To achieve the perfect oversized eyewear look, the glasses should fit at the right level on your face and stay there--without the need of the notorious finger push-up. Eyewear slipping down your nose might seem like a natural occurrence, but properly fitted frames don't require constant adjustments over the entire day.

Here are 3 key things to look for in the perfect pair of oversized glasses: 


1) Proper sized nose pads or bridge.


proper fitting nose pads

Left: Unfitted nose pads = serious slippage, resulting in the constant need to push up the frames. (Photo credit)
Right: A better fitted nose bridge, which keeps the frames in a perfect & more comfortable position on her face! (Photo credit)


Properly fitted nose pads help prop the frames up onto the right parts of your face, and avoid contact with your cheekbones.

This is especially important with oversized eyewear, as the weight of the frames can place even greater unwanted pressure on your nose bridge and temples, causing red marks and slippage.

If your cheeks touch your lenses when you smile, that’s not the best fitting pair for you!  


2) Go big...but not TOO big.


just the right size glasses

Left: Her glasses are too wide for her face, overwhelming her features. (Photo Credit)
Right: Her eyebrows show through and the proportions are just right, creating a balanced chic look! (Photo Credit)


Wearing oversized eyewear that is too big can create a bug-eyed look. Sunglasses styles leave a little more room for dramatically larger frames, but if they are significantly wider than your face, it can make your head look smaller. You should aim for your eyes to be positioned at the horizontal center and vertical top third of your lens to avoid looking cross-eyed.

Well-proportioned oversized glasses will ideally let your eyebrows peek through (try wearing them a little lower on your nose than your usual eyewear) and enhance your overall look by balancing out your other features. Some say the perfect oversized glasses can even give a more youthful appearance!


3) Choose your best eyewear shape.


perfect shape glasses
Left: Round oversized frames complement her face shape perfectly! (Photo credit)
Right: Cat-eye reflective glasses give her a timeless & classy 
look. (Photo credit)


Every single person has a unique face shape and nose bridge. Facial characteristics should be seen on a diverse spectrum rather than a standardized scale. Whether you feel your face is right in between round and square, or oval and long, check out our guide to picking the perfect eyewear style for your unique features!


4) Design Your Own Oversized Glasses.


design your own glasses


Of course, the best way to truly guarantee a perfect fit is to have glasses that are created just for the unique contours of your face. 

At Topology, we create modern bespoke eyewear, for everyone. Each pair of glasses are sculpted from the finest Italian acetate or light stainless steel into the perfect fit for your nose bridge and face.

The process is simple: Take a selfie, design your style, and receive your custom-made eyewear in a couple of weeks! They're guaranteed to fit perfectly or we'll make them again for you, free of charge.

Start designing your perfect pair on our iOS app!

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