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Topology Eyewear Beta Launches at Launch Festival 2017

Topology Eyewear is excited to announce the public launch of their invitational beta, this week at the Launch Festival 2017.

The Launch Festival is "The world's largest startup event, supporting founders & inspiring innovation" and takes place annually in San Francisco.  This year, Topology Eyewear will be exhibiting within the "Hardware Summit", which comprises both an on-stage pitch and a place within the "Demo Pit".

About the Beta

Topology Eyewear will be available across the USA via the iOS app store later in 2017, but we are taking orders and making deliveries to Beta users now. Anyone can request access now to the Beta via a waitlist at TopologyEyewear.com, but attendees of the Launch Festival 2017 can skip the waitlist and gain instant access by visiting us in the Demo Pit on Thursday or Friday.

See the on-stage pitch

Topology Eyewear founder and CEO Eric Varady will be presenting on-stage as part of the Hardware Summit, currently scheduled for 11am on Friday April 7th, on the Startup Summit Stage.

Visit us in the Demo Pit.

Topology Eyewear have been assigned table B1, which is in the right side aisle, right at the back of the Demo Pit area.  To use the app yourself, get scanned & fitted, see some hardware samples and jump the waitlist to get it yourself.

About Topology Eyewear

Topology Eyewear are reinventing Made-to-Measure eyewear for everyone, with a world-leading combination of computer vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and a fully patented single-unit manufacturing process.

To start the process, our customer takes a simple selfie from their iPhone, from which they are able to choose a range of frame styles and colors, all of which are auto-fitted to the unique contours of their face, perfectly.  Orders can be placed directly from the phone with no need to visit a store, and will be delivered to their home in a few weeks for a similar price to existing off-the-shelf designer glasses. 

For more information and updates from the event, follow us on:


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